Dog Grooming Enterprise Open!

Royal College Manchester students have launched a new business, grooming and looking after dogs.

Owners bring their dogs in to the college for a day of pampering, with students using special grooming equipment to give each pup a shampoo and set. They can also dry the dogs, brush and comb their fur and make sure they get plenty of interaction by going on walks, playing and being stroked by students. The dogs can then be picked up when the owners are ready.

Several dogs have already enjoyed their time at the beauty parlour. Dog-owning staff brought their pets in at home to test out the facilities and gave a resounding thumbs up.

College students have worked hard over a number of years to make sure they can care for animals. As well as the college's buddy dog, Josh, who works with students to develop their communication and interaction skills, the college has an onsite aviary and has kept other small animals including lizards, rabbits and a tortoise. Walking Josh, providing food and water, cleaning the animal's cages and other tasks are an important part of our work experience offer as well as being a great tool for young people to practice interacting with other living creatures.

Other students have taken part in work experience working with larger farm animals.

Students hope to run the dog grooming parlour as a mini-enterprise, charging customers to cover the running costs.