What Katie Did Next...

Katie has been a regular visitor to Seashell Trust over the last year.  She has many adoring fans.  But very soon the time will come for Katie to start her next big adventure as a Guide Dog.

Katie is currently being 'looked after' by Dave Walker one of our fantastic volunteers who helps to maintain the 90 bikes we have on site for the students.  He started volunteering just over a year ago after he retired following a long career in publishing.  no more trudging down to London on the 6am train, more time to indulge in his passion for mountain biking.  With  time on his hands and a self-trained expert in bike maintenance Dave visits us once a week and helps sort out broken spokes, punctures, that sort of thing!

For many years he wanted a dog but his business commitments didn't really sit well with being a dog owner.  With his busy work schedule now behind him he thought he's try his hand at puppy walking.

Puppy walkers play a vital role in the early socialisation and education of Guide Dogs.  At about six weeks of age puppies - either labradors, golden retrievers or a cross of the two - start their early training, remaining with their walker until they are around a year old, at which point they are transferred to a training centre to being their specialised training.  The aim of puppy walking is to produce a puppy that is socially well behaved, friendly and responsive to the handler.  

Katie has 8 siblings including Kessler, Konrad, Korky and Klint.  She sees her brother Kessler from time to time as he lives in nearby Reddish.  She has become a bit of a star around Seashell as part of her socialisation has involved meeting our children and young people.  Dog lovers amongst our staff have gushed over Katie and have often stopped Dave and Katie on their travels across our site for an update on her progress.  

But very soon after Christmas Katie will return to the guide dog training centre for formal training.  So it's time to say goodbye and good luck to Katie.  Fortunately for us, and our bikes, we'll still see Dave in the New Year.  

If you're interested in volunteering at Seashell Trust please go to http://www.seashelltrustcareers.org.uk/Volunteering

For further information on Guide Dogs for the Blind go to www.guidedogs.org.uk