Sensory Diets

18th June 2019


Sensory Diets

Dates: Tuesday 18th June, 25th June and 2nd July

Time: First session is 5-6.30pm, second and third sessions 5-7pm

Price: £150

This is a three part workshop and the initial session can be attended as a standalone.  A prerequisite for sessions 2 and 3 is that attendees are working, at least some of the time, with someone who has sensory processing difficulties.

We all do things throughout our day which help us to feel ‘just right’. Whether that be going for a quick walk during a long day of sitting down. Fiddling or biting pen lids during meetings. Listening to soothing music after a stressful situation, or just giving ourselves that 5 minute brew and biscuit break. We are able to do these things because we subconsciously know what our body needs.

A sensory diet can help children and young people with sensory processing issues to make sense of their environment and remove barriers to learning.

Session 1) (90 minutes)

In session 1, we will explain what sensory processing difficulties are and enable learners to recognise when individuals are struggling to process sensory information. We will explore what sensory diets are and why we use them.

Session 2) (2 hours)

In session 2, we will explore practical solutions which can be used in a range of settings to help people with sensory processing needs to remain calm and focused.

Session 3) (2 hours)

Session 3 will support you to reflect on how you have applied the theory and knowledge gained during the course and consider what you are already doing well and areas for improvement. We will create an action plan of what you can do to further develop your skills in implementing sensory diets to promote your child or young person to remain calm and focussed.

Booking your place
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