NORFOX charity delivers £6,000 hi-tech trike to Seashell students

Andrew Gardiner, from TSG Property Consultants, with learning support assistant Lesley Skeffington and student Hannah Day, with the Draisin Plus bike

NORFOX, the Greater Manchester commercial property sector charity which funds children's good causes, has bought a specially adapted tricycle for Seashell Trust students.

Its Christmas lunch and the Sportsman’s Curry Club lunches, run by Charlie Womersley, raised £6,000.

The tricycle will allow all our young people to enjoy independence of movement.

The highly technical Draisin Plus makes steering and pedalling as easy as possible, with a specialist seat built onto the bike. Students who have no ability to pedal or steer sit in the specialist seat to experience the joy of cycling without the effort of pedalling.

Committee member Andrew Gardiner, and partner in TSG Property Consultants, said: “NORFOX worked with The Sportsman's Curry Club to raise the funding for this special bicycle for the children of Seashell Trust over the past 12 months. We are all delighted to have achieved that.

“Having now seen for myself the end result of that funding, I know that the effort put in by everyone involved was more than worthwhile.”

Adele Stanhope, physiotherapist at Seashell Trust, said: “So many of our students are now truly able to experience cycling along with their more able bodied peers and are no longer feel excluded. All of the students are regularly making choices to go for a bike ride and have found a leisure activity they enjoy.”