Pair's epic 620-mile hike across Spain for Seashell Trust

Fran Aversa and Luke Dakin

A pair of university graduates from Sheffield are planning to walk across Spain to raise money for a charity for disabled children.

Luke Dakin and Fran Aversa, both 22, from Loxley, Sheffield, were so moved by the amazing work of the Seashell Trust they decided to hike through the centre of Spain in October.

The pair met while Luke was studying film and tv and Fran was studying occupational therapy at York St John University.

Luke said: “My best friend's sister goes to Seashell Trust. We've seen what these guys have done first hand, transformation in her ability is all down to the amazing trust. It’s incredible.

“We didn't have much time to do really big exciting things while studying. Our main goal over the holidays was to earn money so we could survive at uni. Now were moving back home we wanted to do something fun and challenging, but will also help others.”

He added: “We are walking about 620 miles from Alicante in the south east through Madrid right the way up to A Coruna at the top. It will be 31 days all together, getting us back just in time for our graduation ceremony. The route makes sure there is a small village at the end of almost every day so we can ask the people of Spain for shelter. If that doesn't work, we will have a tent as a back-up.

“Fran's constantly at the gym, biking about and running a million miles a day but so far the most training I've had is walking to and from work. I'll have a month of intense training before we go.”

Wendy Bray, from Seashell Trust, said: “What an amazing adventure, we feel very privileged to be linked to Luke and Fran's challenge. We will be following their progress across Spain closely.”

To donate, please visit their Virgin Money Giving page.