Barclays Corporate: support we can bank on in more ways than one

Barclays fundraiser at Seashell Trust

Barclays Corporate in the North West have raised a staggering £100,000 for Seashell Trust.

The bank chose to support our charity for a year with astonishing results.

Wendy Bray, Seashell Trust fundraiser, said: “The amazing funds Barclays raised are being used to change the lives of our children and young people. We were overwhelmed by the support and the legacy of the Barclays year will live very long here.

The money will go towards a sensory room to help our students relax and improve their communication and independence. It will fund a family weekend where our students and their families can come together, share their experiences and make new friends.

The trust can now buy specialist art equipment, acoustic panelling and hi-tech diagnostic hardware. We can provide extra-curricular trips or activities in the holidays for children who live here year round and the annual residential activity break at the Bendrigg Trust in Cumbria.

The money donated by Barclays has paid for 22 days of one-to-one Support for profoundly disabled children at our CADS sports camps. It is keeping our Variety Club minibus on the road and has improved our libraries, gardens and grounds.

Wendy Bray added: “We are so grateful to everyone at Barclays who has run, trekked, cycled, golfed, footballed and abseiled through to all those that have organised events, sponsored, donated and claimed matched funding, ”

Seashell Trust also places a value on volunteering by calculating what it would have cost to employ someone for the number of hours donated. The total value of all the volunteering hours and donations by Barclays staff tops £40,000.

Wendy Bray added: “Not only have Barclays helped deliver projects that wouldn’t otherwise have happened, they have been fabulous role models to our young people. On behalf of all our children, their families and our staff, we have loved working with them.”