Seashell's signing choir performs at inaugural Lord Morris lecture

Seashell Trust's signing choir at the Lord Morris of Manchester Memorial Lecture

Seashell Trust's signing choir had the honour of performing at the University of Manchester’s inaugural Lord Morris of Manchester lecture.

The Disabled Staff Network's public lecture was in honour of the late Alf Morris, Lord Morris of Manchester – the world’s first Minister for Disabled People and Hon Patron of Seashell Trust.

Guest speaker Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson delivered the lecture which focused on the rights and equality of disabled people to a packed Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall at the university.

All our students have complex disabilities, communication disorders, and many are deaf or deafblind. Some use sign language to communicate. The Seashell choir signed Autumn Leaves and Somewhere Over The Rainbow sung by the University of Manchester's chamber choir Ad Solem.

Louise Heywood, who runs the signing choir said: “What a fantastic event to be involved in, all of our students were thrilled to be there. Ad Solem are such an amazing choir and we loved every minute of it.”

Dominic Tinner, head of development at Seashell Trust, said: “We are immensely proud Lord Alf Morris of Manchester was the Hon Patron of Seashell Trust for many years. He visited Seashell with his wife Lady Morris on several occasions and hosted Her Majesty The Queen's visit in 2004. He was an active supporter and hosted a number of parliamentary receptions for the charity in the House of Lords.

“As the first Minister for Disabled People anywhere in the world, under the Harold Wilson government, he was responsible for the Chronically Sick & Disabled Persons Act which influenced disability legislation across the globe. Morris House, one of the charity's new houses for its profoundly disabled students, is named in his honour.”

Dr Hamied Haroon, co-chair of the University of Manchester’s Disabled Staff Network, said: “It was a truly memorable evening and the Seashell signing choir were absolutely magical! Many, many thanks for your amazing contribution and support.”

Click here to see the choir in action.