Ashfield kicks off fundraising tournament with £1,000 goal

Football with Ashfield healthcare communications logo

A healthcare communications agency is kicking off a fundraising campaign with a charity football tournament..

Ashfield Healthcare Communications is taking on 'Rest of the (healthcare communications) World' teams at Macclesfield Rugby Club, Thursday, May 4 at 5pm.

The communications company, which has offices in Macclesfield and Tytherington, has made raising funds and awareness for Seashell Trust their goal.

Piers French, a senior strategist from Ashfield Healthcare Communications, said: “Annually, we organise a football match between our offices to raise money for a good cause. However this year, we wanted to raise awareness with more people and not be limited just to our company. We are fortunate to have friends in other healthcare communications companies who were eager to be involved. The event has become a tournament with WRG, BioScript and LOVE LIVE Graphics all contributing players.

“Seashell Trust gives children and young adults with complex learning disabilities the support they need to have a healthy and happy life. They create a supportive learning environment for the children and provide vital respite care for parents.

“To get into a career in healthcare communications, we all have benefited from the support of teachers and family members. And all the people taking part or supporting the event feel all children should get access to the learning support they need. Many of us have seen the extraordinary patience needed to raise a child with complex learning difficulties and wanted to do anything we can to help – even in this small way.”

Wendy Bray, fundraiser from Seashell Trust, said: “We wish both teams the best of luck and know that our students are the ones who will run out the winners at the end of the day.”

To pitch in and help Ashfield Healthcare Communications reach its target of £1,000 please visit here