Pinarello cyclists conquer Mont Ventoux for Seashell

Sambro’s Nikki Samuels, Bobby Arora, owner of B&M, Simon Showman from Ultimate Products and Naresh Abrol from Union Property, dubbed the Pinarello Bikers, cycled just over 365 miles last week over 5 days in the Provence region of France which included a total elevation gain over those 5 days of just over 25500 ft (8700 meters) taking in the breath-taking 14 mile climb of the infamous Mont Ventoux to support the Seashell Trust’s Transforming Lives Appeal. 

The team said, "There were times when we were all close to giving up. Our fellow bikers reminded each other whilst climbing these mountains, that this effort is nothing compared to the great work the Seashell Trust endures everyday. This got us through our pain."

The group have donated £20,000 to fund a soft play room in the new school.