Free Autism Information Sessions for Parents and Carers

'Dietary Issues & Experimentation' begins the first of a series of free sessions.

If you care for a child or young person with autism and severe learning difficulties, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of support from Seashell Trust. Wednesday 18th October will see the start of a series of sessions aimed at helping families deal with everyday issues like communication, behaviour and ways to help your child to become more independent.

For some children and young people with autism, mealtimes can be a confusing mess of different tastes, textures, smells and even sounds that are just too much to cope with.

They may only eat a small number of foods or refuse to try anything new. And if you struggle to communicate, making sure that people understand what you like to eat and what you don't can be difficult. It's no wonder that so many families find mealtimes so stressful!

Join Royal College Manchester's Lauren Miller for answers to all your burning questions about food.

As one of our autism-qualified teachers, Lauren helps young people and their families find the most appropriate coping strategies to make mealtimes manageable and even fun. In this session, Lauren will share some of her work around dietary issues and how young people can be encouraged to experiment with new foods.

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Attending this session is free of charge, but please book your place in advance here. Join us for tea and coffee from 5.45pm, with the session running from 6-7pm.

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