Outreach Services

We provide a range of specialist outreach services locally, regionally and nationally. This includes:

  • Specialist support to schools, colleges and other settings
  • Provision of a range of specialist services and support which enable settings to be more responsive to the needs of children and young people with SEND including provison of detailed assessment reports.  This includes involvement of specialists where a child or young person has made little or no progress despite evidence based support
  • Support to build capacity and specialism around particular areas of need.  This includes whole school/college improvement strategies, training courses for teachers and teaching assistants, bespoke training, including twilights sessions and input of specialists at staff meetings and teacher training days, consultancy support for SEND (individual pupils and target groups) and monitoring and evaluation of SEND provision and interventions
  • Therapeutic services. This includes the provision of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, music therapy, art therapy, audiology services, support from assistive technologists, interveners and support to meet the mental health needs of children and young people with complex and severe learning disabilities combined with significant communication difficulties
  • Training and Continuing Professional Development - A broad range of training and continuing professional development delivered directly within schools, colleges and other settings and to statutory bodies and a range of businesses. View upcoming training courses at Seashell Trust.
  • Consultancy and Strategic Support. All of our Executive Leadership Team have extensive experience in the field of SEND and three members of the team have been Senior Officers within local authorities, including leading SEND services, specialist support teams and front line care services.  We offer a range of consultancy and strategic support to local authorities and other statutory bodies on all aspects of SEND
  • Sector-Led Improvement – consultancy and strategic support to national bodies with a specific focus on high need, low-incidence SEN

More Information
For more information about our Outreach Services, please call us on 0161 696 9396 or email: outreach@seashelltrust.org.uk

You can also join our mailing list or view our SEND Outreach Peripatetic and Training Services brochure.

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