Caring for a child with learning disabilities is extremely tough and no parent knows exactly what to do from birth. In order to provide the best care for a child with learning difficulties, communication training may be necessary for parents. In order to provide the best possible care, Seashell provides communication training for learning disabilities. Continue reading to find out more about the training process and what we do at Seashell.

Communication training

Our speech and language therapy team is  able to provide expert training for families and professionals on a range of alternative and augmentative communication approaches. 

The training we offer includes:

  • Makaton courses
  • Elklan training
  • Communication partner training
  • Early communication skills

All of these training courses are designed for families or professionals living or working with children with complex learning difficulties.

Makaton courses

Makaton uses speech along with gestures and pictures to communicate. Eye contact, body language and facial expressions are also used to help improve communication.

Research has shown that gestures are easier to learn than spoken words, which can help non-verbal people or those whose speech is unclear. 

Children and adults can use Makaton to let others know what they want, make choices and share information. This  helps to build and develop important communication and language skills. 

If they struggle with their communication, children and adults can become incredibly frustrated. Makaton helps them to communicate in a better, more understandable way.

Elklan training

Elklan training is a range of comprehensive speech, language and communication training for parents, schools, practitioners, and carers. It includes courses on communication with children from under the age of five, right up to teenagers and above.

There are a wide range of courses available to learn and improve your communication skills with children of all ages and challenges. These can be done either face-to-face or through e-learning.

Elklan courses provide a wealth of information and an opportunity to share experiences with other parents and carers of children with similar communication challenges. 

They  also give advice and strategies that are easy to implement at home, making you better prepared to care for your child and communicate with them in a clear manner.

Communication partner training

Communication partner training (CPT) is an evidence-based intervention that teaches communication partners how to best interact with someone with communication challenges.

Communication partners can be a parent or carer of a child, family members, healthcare professionals, and volunteers. CPT can be used in any setting with an individual who communicates frequently with a person with language or communication difficulties.

Early communication skills

Before children learn to talk, they need to develop key early communication skills. These are looking, joint attention, taking turns and listening, and are important building blocks for developing understanding and communication.

Training to build these early skills can greatly improve a child’s development.

Support at Seashell

Seashell is dedicated to providing a creative, happy, and safe environment for children and young people with complex learning disabilities and additional communication needs. 

Here at Seashell, we offer a holistic approach with Seashell Royal School Manchester, Seashell Royal College Manchester, and our 17 home-from-home care houses. All of which provide a safe, supported environment, and high-quality sports, health, and wellbeing facilities.

If you require any assistance or guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.