CADS is Seashell’s inclusive sport and activity programme and has been providing opportunities for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties for over 20 years.



We are delighted to share our CADS impact report which covers the period prior to, during and post the pandemic. The report focuses on the lived experience rather than any detailed statistical analysis, which we did not feel would be appropriate for a cohort of such complex children and their additional needs.

CADS with its specialisms and support it offers children and young people with complex needs could be viewed as respite or a short break to those who see it that way. At Seashell, we value inclusivity for every person and aim to reduce barriers for people accessing sport, physical activity and leisure, to take part and enjoy themselves, and form a positive association with being in the environment and feel the benefits from being active as a social norm.

Stockport Chief Executive, Caroline Simpson, says:  “Seashell’s innovative inclusive sport programme, CADS, has been providing a lifeline for families who have children with some of the most complex needs in Stockport for 20 years.  This report demonstrates not only the enjoyment the children find from attending but the benefit the extended families receive from having time away from their caring responsibilities.  The funding the council has provided via Short Breaks together with that from a private donor has ensured every child requiring one-to-one support has been able to attend.”

Volunteers help make a difference to all children who attend CADS – why not give it a go! Get in touch for more information.
You can read the full CADS Impact Report here.