Working at Seashell can be an extremely rewarding, but challenging, environment. It’s one that’s filled with caring, compassionate people who love to care for others. There are roles across the team that include support workers and teachers. But the ones that work behind the scenes are just as important, such as finance apprentices. What does a finance apprentice do at Seashell? Continue reading to find out.

What does a finance apprentice do?

A finance apprentice at Seashell works within the finance department, specifically in the purchasing department or payroll.

Part of working within the Purchase Ledger involves processing invoices for Seashell for medical equipment, training courses, furniture in the residential homes, and more.

The payroll department involves working on reports for lateness, absence and overtime for staff, as well as confirming everything before the next pay run.

Which type of qualifications are needed?

To work as a finance apprentice at Seashell, you would need to have a strong set of numeracy skills. Kira, who works in our finance department, previously worked for Personal Injury Solicitors. From there, she gained a wide range of computer skills which have been transferable to her current role.  

Daily activities and responsibilities for a finance apprentice

Each day in the finance department at Seashell can be different from the last because there are different aspects within the charity to focus on financially. Day-to-day, anybody working within the finance team could be focusing on payroll, ensuring that all staff are paid the correct amount and on time.

This aspect of the role must take into consideration any lateness, absence and overtime before pay is finalised and sent.

Within the same day, a member of the finance team could also work on purchasing. This includes buying new furniture for Seashell’s support houses as well as the Royal College or school.

How rewarding is working with Seashell?

As previously mentioned, working at Seashell is incredibly rewarding for hands-on support workers, but it can also provide the same sense of satisfaction for those behind the scenes. Kira, from the finance department, states that working at Seashell is “very rewarding on the good days” because she sees the simple and small things in life that bring so much happiness to others.

Also, that reward is a major reason why so many people work with Seashell.

Finance apprenticeships near you

If being a finance apprentice at Seashell appeals to you, consider checking our open vacancies now and work with us. We have a wide range of work opportunities at Seashell.

If you’d like to work at Seashell, care for amazing people and be part of something special, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0161 610 0100 or email us at