Meet Fiona

Fiona has cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs with stiffness, reduced range of movement and reduced functional movements in her arms and legs. 

Fiona has a curvature of the spine and her hips do not sit properly in their sockets which means life can be painful. She has physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, supported by two specialists in Seashell’s own hydrotherapy pool.  They are an important therapy for Fiona.  She also enjoys rebound therapy – a rhythmical bouncing that helps to build strength and improve her physical independence.

Fiona struggles to clear her secretions and can often feel panicked and uncomfortable.  All professionals are working together to help to alleviate the symptoms and clear secretions. 

The Covid-19 crisis was a particularly challenging time for Fiona and her family.  She was assessed as high risk and so stayed at home.  Visits from the support team were reduced and the family supported with phone calls and video calls.  Fiona was struggling and so two of the team were reassigned to get her therapy back on track.

Fiona started to show reduced pain and stiffness and improved overall happiness and wellbeing. As shielding restrictions were reduced, she has been able to come back to Seashell where she continues to make progress.

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