Welcome to Challenge 31 – Seashell’s online challenge for August 2024

Throughout August we’re asking supporters to Run 31, Walk 31 or Wheel 31 during the 31 days in August. This means committing to running 31 miles, walking 10,000 steps every day (adding up to 310,000 steps for the month!) or completing 31 miles in your wheelchair. However you choose to do Challenge 31, we have advice and support to get you over the finish line.



Where your donation goes

Signing up to Challenge 31 means you’re doing something incredible. ! Not only are you doing an impressive challenge, but you are helping transform the lives of children and young adults with the most complex disabilities.

Every donation you get from your challenge means a child or young adult with complex disabilities and their families get to live their best lives through our school, college, residential care home and inclusive activities programme.

Get a medal or T-shirt

To say a massive thank you for your fundraising efforts, if you raise over £50, we will send you a Seashell medal or T-shirt! Once you reach £50 just send us an email to fundraising@seashelltrust.org.uk with your contact details and evidence you’ve hit £50 or more.

Support on your Challenge 31 journey

As this is an online challenge, we know the power of community is important. That’s why we’ve set up a Facebook group for all our Challenge 31 participants. Join it now and start asking questions, sharing pictures and downloading all your support information.