Our audiology team are experienced in assessing and rehabilitating children and young people with hearing impairment and/or auditory processing issues and sound sensitivity due to autism spectrum conditions, multi-sensory impairment or other complex needs. 

Our clinic

Seashell’s audiology clinic houses up to date objective and behavioural audiological test equipment and we have a designated listening room for those students who cannot tolerate a clinical environment. The audiologists have a depth of understanding of the complex needs of students who may not be able to give consistent behavioural responses to sound and require audiology input in a carefully managed environment.

Clinical Sessions

  •   Clinical sessions can involve familiarisation visits and regular appointments accommodated around the timetable to allow the audiologist time to build up a picture of listening repertoires and hearing abilities. 
  •   Audiology assessments are performed using a wide range of diagnostic objective and subjective test measures with which to support the information already gained prior to entry from the NHS Audiology
  •   Our team work closely with NHS audiologists and ENT specialists in order to ensure good continuity of care.  A range of paediatric and adult NHS contract hearing devices are routinely managed including programming adjustments to check against amplification requirements.
  •   Our team work alongside our multi-disciplinary to plan and deliver joint programmes, primarily aimed in developing communication and listening skills.

Beyond the clinic

The team visit the classroom setting to observe functional listening and to provide advice and deliver training to educational staff.  Educational devices such as personal FM systems are recommended as required alongside sound field systems within the classroom.

For those students with sound sensitivity, the audiologists may recommend a desensitisation programme around an environmental sound walk exposing the student to more familiar day to day auditory experiences.  


An innovative programme called aurythmics, which uses live and recorded music to assist with hearing assessments for children and young people is offered to all students on the audiology caseload who will benefit from a tailor made listening programme around detection and discrimination of sound.

Our facilities

Our students benefit from some of the best facilities and equipment in the country to improve their learning outcomes and quality of life.

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Outreach Services

Seashell provides a comprehensive range of specialist assessment and support, training and consultancy to organisations across the education, health and care sectors.

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