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Here you’ll find Royal College Manchester’s term dates, key policies, inspection reports and other useful information.

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Our approach to learning

Taking a person-centred approach, we identify what motivates each young person, their interests, strengths, and aspirations, and use this to provide a foundation for their learning. Supporting people with learning difficulties and encouraging students to express their views ultimately helps to shape our planning and students’ individual learning experiences. Some students have clear ideas about what they like to do, whilst others will need help exploring their choices.

Our Approach to Learning

Our Pathways

As one of the best colleges for special needs students, Royal College Manchester educates young adults with the most complex disabilities. Our 4 college pathways offer students individualised learning opportunities based on their needs and personal preferences. Similar to our special needs school in Manchester, we are proactive with our approach towards building communication, independence, and life skills within our students so they can better prepare for a future where they thrive.

Our Pathways

Welcome to the college leadership team

Welcome to the college leadership team

Therapy and Nursing Support

Our teaching staff work alongside a specialist team of therapists and nursing staff with expertise in complex physical disabilities, sensory processing difficulties, and health needs. These include progressive and degenerative conditions.

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Our Facilities

Our college provides state-of-the-art learning resources and a highly specialised learning environment tailored to each learner. Students benefit from some outstanding facilities which support them in achieving their learning potential.


Our Homes

We take great pride in the homes we provide for the young people who need this support. We also offer short breaks, ranging from one or two nights per week or for more extended periods, depending upon specific care needs.

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Family services

We offer support for families throughout their journey with Seashell, from the initial enquiry right through to planning for the long-term future.

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Seashell Active

Our sports, physical activity and wellbeing team form a vital part of Seashell, offering a wide range of sport, wellbeing, health, and leisure activities. Children can enjoy our state-of-the-art facilities to learn new skills and, most importantly, have fun.

All About Seashell Active

Brilliant staff have worked with our daughter – too many to name individually but all great in their own way. Sophie’s interaction with people is vastly improved

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