The Royal College Manchester hosts courses for people with difficulties, disabilities, and autism, offering individualised learning based on the needs and preferences of the student.

All of our tutors excel in their field and are highly skilled and prepared to deliver the best support for every student with complex learning difficulties, regardless of the challenges they face.

Seashell has a proud reputation for delivering fantastic learning experiences, opening up educational doors for young adults. We offer a range of courses, depending on need, including autism support and a sensory course. You can learn more about these courses below.


Entry-level preparation for life and work

One thing we are particularly committed to here at Seashell Trust is teaching students new skills that can build on their existing knowledge. The aim of this course is to help our students to become more independent and increase confidence so that they are fully prepared to apply these new skills in their lives after college.


Autism support

Our autism support course caters to young adults with autism spectrum conditions. Students are given opportunities to develop their communication, functional skills, confidence and independence in college and are supported to transfer this learning to their home environments and to the wider community. We also offer occupational therapy and learning disabilities support.


Sensory course

The sensory course creates effective, meaningful learning opportunities for young people to become more independent. Students develop their communication skills, gain more control over their environment, improve their mobility and learn effective and appropriate ways to express their desires.

Supported Internship

Our supported internship course offers a wide variety of practical work experience and learning targeted at the skills students will need for work. Young people will develop their skills for employment, job searching and independence as they prepare for life beyond college.




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