Here at Seashell, we have developed a broad and balanced special school curriculum for learning disabilities for under 16s. Focusing on physical development and the promotion of communication, our students are given the opportunity to develop independence and life skills to secure a promising future.

We aim to provide a curriculum for learning disabilities that is appropriate and stimulating and acknowledges individual need.

Communication, language and literacy

Learning to communicate unlocks the world for our young people and is an essential part of any curriculum for learning disabilities. It can open up a whole range of opportunities. Our specialist teams identify the most effective way for each child to communicate and work intensively to develop their skills in this area.

Mathematical development

Our teaching develops problem solving abilities, enabling young people to make sense of the world they live in.

Personal and social development

We encourage our pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom and learn to understand themselves physically, emotionally, socially, and sexually.

Physical development

Physical development builds each child’s self confidence in managing themselves and their bodies. Our young people benefit from the support of our expert therapy team and some outstanding facilities and equipment.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Pupils receive wide-ranging opportunities to develop their interest in and curiosity about the world. Our curriculum for learning disabilities covers important subjects such as geography, history, science, ICT, Design Technology.

Creative Development

Our inspiring arts programme builds confidence and gives young people opportunities to develop key skills and express themselves through art, music, drama and dance.

Vocational Studies

Pupils learn about themselves and are supported to make choices and decisions that support planning for the future. Careers is an integral part of our vocational studies and pupils have access to on site work experience from Key Stage 4.


Our Post 16 Curriculum provides young people with the confidence and skills to achieve their personal goals and reach their full potential, enabling a smooth transition to the next stage of their life.

Tailored study programmes

Students accessing Seashell Royal Manchester’s post 16 school provision (16 to 18 years) follow a tailored study programme to support the achievement of individual learning goals.  The overarching elements within each individual student’s programmes include employment, independence and good health.

Curriculum subjects

Functional Key Skills and Communication

Relationships and Sexuality Education

Home Management, Vocational tasters and preference

Leisure tasters and Work Experience on and off site

Careers and Transition Planning

ASDAN – towards independence, covering money, personal safety, out in the community, sport and leisure

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Year 14 – next placement planning

Our Curriculum Policy - Lite Version


Our Curriculum Map showing each Key Stage


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