We offer specialist assessment of children and young people with SEND in their home and/or education or care setting.  We also offer direct specialist support or intervention, provided by our experienced and highly regarded teaching and therapy team.



We offer the following specialist assessments::

  •   Deaf-blind Guidance Assessments (QTMSI)
  •   Functional Sensory Assessments (QTMSI)
  •   Sensory Processing Assessments (Sensory Integration Trained Occupational Therapist)
  •   Speech and Language Assessments (Speech and Language Therapist)
  •   Sensory Feeding Assessments (Speech and Language Therapist)
  •   Behavioural Sleep Assessment (Autism Consultant)

Specialist Support

The direct support or intervention we offer to children and young people with SEND includes: 

  •   Personalised Learning Programmes for children and young people not currently in education
  •   Specialist reports for EHCP applications and contribution towards EHCP review
  •   Direct support for children and young people in a range of educational settings
  • Speech and Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy intervention in educational, care or home settings

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