The privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. This privacy promise explains how and why we use your personal data, to make sure you stay informed and can be confident about giving us your information.


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Our Privacy Promise sets out how and why we obtain, use, and protect your personal information. We may undertake additional processing which is subject to separate Privacy Policies, and we will draw them to your attention where this is the case.

This Privacy Promise applies to those that we support and their family/carer or legal guardians, our supporters, our customers, as well as to the general public, suppliers and contractors, partner organisations, volunteers, health, education or social care service partners, visitors to our premises and to journalists: if you are an employee, or a potential or past employee or others defined under ‘employee’ please contact us for a copy of our Employee Privacy Policy.

For information about the rights you may have in relation to your personal data please see Your Rights below. If you would like to exercise any of your rights, please contact us.

We use your personal information for the purposes set out in this policy, which include: hello test

Lawful basis for processing

UK Data Protection laws require us to have a specific lawful basis for each purpose for which we process your personal and personal sensitive information, as permitted by the UK GDPR, The UK Data Protection Act 2018, and Privacy of Electronic Communications Regulations (2019) We explain these purposes and the corresponding lawful basis in the section on How we use your data.

We will notify you at the time of collection of the personal data of how we intend to use that data and will only use that data in accordance with that notification and any preferences you express.

Our Heads of Services and professional services partners might use personal and personal sensitive data to evaluate the effectiveness of our services. This evaluation allows us to ensure our services support our users as effectively as possible and to potentially scale up the provision of and identify other areas for evaluation.

We’ll keep this promise updated to show you all the things we do with your personal data. This promise applies if you’re a supporter of Seashell; member, donor, volunteer, supplier, contractor, customer, supporting parent/carer or legal guardian, employee, ex- employee, employee family member, governor, trustee, supplier, facilities user, health, education or social care partner, placement trainee, student, pupil, child, young person.


Additionally when you use any of our services, visit our website, message us on social media, email, call or write to us.  In certain circumstances we may also provide an additional privacy notice, which will always refer to this promise.


We will only provide this privacy promise to you once, generally at the start of our relationship with you. However if this privacy promise is updated substantially, then we may provide you with details of the updated version. You are encouraged to check back regularly for updates.

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