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2023 Autumn Term School Opens Wed 6 September 23

Autumn Term School Closes  Friday 20 October 23

Autumn Term ~School Opens Tuesday 31 October 23

Autumn Term School Closes  Wednesday 20 December 23

2024 Spring Term School Opens Thursday 4 January 24

Spring Term School Closes Friday 16 February 24

Spring Term School Opens Monday 26 February 24

Spring Term School Closes Thursday 28 March 24

2024 Summer Term School Opens Monday 15 April 24

Summer Term School Closes Friday 24 May 24

Summer Term School Opens Monday 10 June 24

Summer Term School Friday 26 July 24

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Inspection Dates  15 and 16 November 2022

Outcome – Royal School Manchester continues to be an outstanding school.

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Royal School Manchester’s  individualised curriculum is guided by ongoing student assessment completed by a multi- disciplinary team (MDT). This ensures that the student’s strengths and needs are the basis of their individual curriculum. To provide a holistic view of the student, a collection of assessment tools are used throughout the year and at specific times throughout the year / key stage.


At Seashell, we focus on delivering the best life outcomes for our students, their families and their communities. We reach this objective by providing high quality, coordinated and seamless specialist education, therapy and care with a fully embedded positive behaviour support plan.


The purpose of this procedure is to record details of all compliments and formal complaints received from service users and to provide a process to resolve formal complaints nearest their point of origin and prevent potential formal complaints escalating.


Compliments and Complaints Policy

This policy aims to ensure members of staff, children and young people, volunteers, contractors, and visitors are aware of the duties placed upon the charity by equality legislation and regulations. It is a comprehensive policy to explain the background, law, and our intentions together with our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Equality and Diversity Policy

This policy informs lesson planning and students’ individual POS and boundaries around the issues that can be explored and the range of teaching methods.  It also informs parents and carers, who will look at both the RSE curriculum content and the values the school is promoting, and informs professionals involved in the education, health and care of students of the aims, objectives and values the school’s RSE curriculum promotes.


We are dedicated to ensuring that the principles and duties of safeguarding children and young people are at the heart of what we do and are holistically, consistently and conscientiously applied for the wellbeing of all.

Safeguarding Policy