Seashell is a UK-leader in supporting children and young people with complex difficulties, disabilities and additional communication needs. Our team of experts actively work to contribute to research and development in the field in which we are specialists. This includes producing academic posters, delivering talks and workshops at conferences, contributing to news articles and conducting projects to discover new and better ways of working.

The last few months have seen Seashell on tour not only nationally, but internationally too, starting with Olly Elm-Robinson, Advanced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, who attended the International Family-Centered Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing conference (FCEI Conference) in Austria. Olly delivered a presentation on how technology can be used to support communication development in learners with multi-sensory impairment. He also presented academic posters created by Kate Duggan, Director of Service Development, Lynne Thompson, Behaviour Management Co-coordinator, Rachel Johnson, Consultant Occupational Therapist and Lizzie Ryan and Stephen Edwards, Seashell’s Learner Voice Coordinators.

FCEI International is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, worldwide network of parents, families, professionals and researchers. Its mission is to connect and support all those involved in early intervention with deaf and hard of hearing children and their families in the collaborative process of sharing, learning, and developing the best research and evidence-informed practice.

Following this, Rachel Johnson, Consultant Occupational Therapist had an academic poster presented at the International Sensory Integration Congress (ISIC) 2022. Rachel’s poster explored ‘Achieving fidelity with adults with complex intellectual disabilities.’ – you can view it here.

ISIC USA 2022 honors the tradition of A. Jean Ayres’ commitment to research and practice, with the congress theme of “Sensory Neural Foundations of Social Connection”. This 2.5-day congress celebrated the historic progress in the global effort outlined in the ASI (Ayres Sensory Integration) 2020 vision of fostering cutting-edge scholarship and practice using ASI theory, assessment, and intervention.

Rachel said: “It was amazing to be able to contribute and share my findings to a worldwide network of people.”