Seashell’s links with the Hallé Orchestra stretch back over 25 years, and many children and young people have been able to benefit from this relationship and discover the wonders of instrumental music.


Earlier this month, the Hallé welcomed Seashell to their St. Peter’s site for a relaxed concert – which was organised especially for Seashell students and their families, and is designed to be inclusive for everyone who attends. There was a whole host of melodies played – all of which had been provided by the Hallé in advance, to give students chance to familiarise themselves with the harmonies before they heard the live performance.

Participation was encouraged for those in the audience who wished to take part, and several students enjoyed performing their favourite tunes! The concert was also be signed by BSL Tutor and Equality and Diversity Champion, June Battye.

“Communication and social barriers are broken down with music, and this was a tremendous opportunity for all students involved to be able to perform at the Hallé alongside some incredibly talented musicians.” Greg Davies, Seashell Music Teacher

Music plays a powerful part in our lives. It can be used to create memories, and then trigger them later in life. Music is important for adults and children, and especially those with additional needs. Find out more about the power of music therapy here.


*photo credit: The Hallé Orchestra