Students at Seashell have donated a display of ceramic toadstools to a local rotary garden at Handforth Station.

Students created their own unique mushroom shape whilst taking part in the collaborative installation, reflecting their personality and diversity in each sculpture.

The toadstool installation, named ‘Out of the Darkness’, was inspired by the work of local artist, Tine Hagen Dalgarrd, who worked with Seashell students before lockdown to kick start the toadstool project.

Once lockdown began students continued to create the sculptures from clay in their art sessions with Seashell Teacher, Lauren Mullarkey, and Art Assistant, Maxine Perkins. Seashell staff also got involved in their very own art training sessions.

The tactile experience of working with clay establishes a sensory experience that was accessible to all students involved, particularly those with visual impairments.

Art Assistant, Maxine, delivered many of the sessions. Speaking of the installation, she said: “Creating these lovely toadstools has brought a lot of joy to everyone involved!

“The students really enjoy working with clay as it is so tactile, and the staff have taken pride in their achievements. They look as though they have sprung up overnight and are fabulous.”

Seashell’s toadstool installation can be seen at the rotary garden at Handforth Station, SK9 3BA.


The Moulding Foundation has donated £5million to Seashell in support of our Project Transformation to build a new school and campus.

Seashell’s Project Transformation, costing over £50million, will take over five years to complete to build a new school, redevelop the existing college, build a new four-court sports hall, gym and pavilion, new training facilities, community engagement and administration facilities and a new assessment and early years centre.

Jodie Moulding, Founder and Trustee of The Moulding Foundation said: “This ambitious project will make a huge difference to the lives of children of all ages and their families in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting such a fantastic charity, helping them to extend their reach and support many more families and children in desperate need.”

Speaking of the £5million donation, Seashell Chief Executive and Principal, Jolanta McCall, said: “We cannot thank The Moulding Foundation enough for its generosity towards Seashell’s Project Transformation.

“Project Transformation has been years in the planning and we are delighted to see works beginning on site. This donation will help build a new future for thousands of children and young people with acute special needs.”

The first phase of Project Transformation will see a new school developed which is expected to open in autumn 2022, and a new site entrance and reception building, again expected to open in autumn 2022.