James joined the Royal School Manchester Governing Body in February 2020. 

James’ career started in The Royal Air Force.  Upon leaving the service he trained as an Audiologist at The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital and at King’s College London and in 2003 relocated to the north west to work at the Manchester Royal Infirmary specialising in auditory implants.

Taking his skills and knowledge from the NHS, James joined international cochlear implant manufacturer, Advanced Bionics.  In this role he provided training and support for clinicians, patients, and staff in both in the UK & Europe and was responsible for the introduction of novel technology such as the fitting of the world’s first waterproof cochlear implant processor in the UK.

In 2016, he joined the Ewing Foundation for deaf children, providing technical and clinical knowledge to professionals working with deaf children in schools & colleges. His work for the Foundation involves working closely with other organisations such as NDCS and Action on Hearing; the Department of Deaf Education at The University of Manchester; Heads of Service for Schools for the Deaf & Sensory Support Teams.  He liaises with hearing instrument manufacturers and Government affiliated bodies such as NatSIP and DeafCAMHS.  James was invited to join The British Academy of Audiology Quality Service Committee. He implemented the Ovingdean Hall Foundation grant for post-graduate clinical projects that focus on deaf children and young adults.

James lives locally with his family and has volunteered his time to help coach at Wilmslow Rugby Club and has been a Friend of Handforth Railway station for several years ensuring the station is welcoming and well kept.   His current focus is supporting the Veterans Hearing Fund.