At Seashell we are focussed on delivering the best life outcomes for our students, their families and their communities by providing high quality, coordinated and seamless specialist education, therapy and care with a fully embedded positive behaviour support approach.


Active Support


Text: Seashell has pioneered an approach that has introduced Active Support across our school, college and care settings.

A positive behaviour support approach is embedded across Seashell:

Working as a multi-disciplinary team we put strategies in place to develop the skills of the students, improving communication and sensory issues and ensuring the impact for their future is positive.

We adopt the PROACT-SCIPr-UK programme, a nationally recognised programme designed to enable staff working with individuals with complex needs to engage in proactive methods of positive behaviour support.

Our approach analyses practice and identifies patterns of behaviour and enables staff at Seashell to support students with more efficient, proactive and active strategies.


Active Support


Active Support, which originates from a care and group home approach, supports individuals to participate in meaningful activities to improve their independence, learn new skills and be fully involved in their lives. 

Implementing Active Support has enabled a whole team approach that allows all staff to operate in the same way across education and care leading to a clear improvement in the participation and independence of the young people at Seashell.

Our Facilities

Our students benefit from some of the best facilities and equipment in the country to improve their learning outcomes and quality of life.

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Outreach Services

Seashell provides a comprehensive range of specialist assessment and support, training and consultancy to organisations across the education, health and care sectors.

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