From 26th June to 2nd July, the MSI community get together to celebrate Deafblind Awareness Week. The week is held at the end of June every year, to mark Helen Keller’s birthday – one of the most well known deafblind people in history. She campaigned tirelessly to improve the treatment of deaf and blind people, raising awareness of sight and hearing health.

Here at Seashell, we support many children and young adults with multisensory needs from across the country, often from a very young age. Our team of professionals of Qualified MSI Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Audiologists, and Habilitation Specialists work together to deliver a holistic approach to supporting this unique population of learners.

This week on campus, to mark this year’s Deafblind Awareness Week theme: Tune into your sight and hearing, the Seashell Sensory team are hosting an afternoon tea with a difference!

Refreshments will be available for staff to enjoy while wearing sim specs, sleep shades and ear plugs to help us experience what it is like to eat and socialise in a noisy environment with reduced vision and hearing. It will be a fun training opportunity for education staff while offering a chance to learn more about supporting our students with deafblindness…and of course eat cake!

Want to learn more about Deafblindness and supporting someone with multi sensory needs? Experts from our Seashell Sensory team have also created a series of blogs, delving into different aspects of understanding and supporting someone with deafblindness.

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Want to find out more about MSI Deafblind support at Seashell?