Seashell’s charity values revolve around our commitment to provide the very best care and support to children with the most complex learning disabilities and autism. We want to help children with SEND who are challenged by learning disabilities to gain the confidence and skills they need to progress in life in the same way any child should.

Our Charity Mission 

Seashell helps children and young adults with the most complex needs, and their families, live their best lives.

Our Charity Vision

Seashell aims to be exceptional in educating and caring for children and young adults with the most complex needs, with an amazing workforce supporting families from its world class campus, and to share its excellence on a national and international platform.

Our Charity Values

Strong charity values run through the core of Seashell. These are the things that are really important to us.

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A set of priorities shape our plans and guide everything we do. 

We aim to…


… provide exceptional education, care and well-being activities for the children and young adults who attend Seashell’s campus.

… work in partnership with children and young adults to provide support through a broad range of interventions.

enhance life after college via development of further social and employment opportunities both on and off campus.

… further develop our campus with additional facilities and ensure Seashell plays an important role in the broader community.

share our knowledge and skills internationally via in-person and digital information sharing and training

… be an employer of choice operating the highest level of governance and safeguarding with a culture of continuous improvement


Honesty, trust and commitment go to the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on ethical working and strong leadership. We respect our children and young people, their families and our colleagues, and we promise to do our very best every day to support the extraordinary people in our care.


Our children and young people are exceptional, and we are constantly striving for pioneering new approaches, research and advances in both technology and different ways of caring, communicating and educating. We believe that amazing people deserve amazing support.


We pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships with our children, young people and families to provide the very best support and life outcomes. By working together and harnessing the best care and support, technology and knowledge, we can help people live their best lives.

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