Seashell charity values revolve around our commitment to provide the very best care and support to children with complex learning disabilities and autism. We want to help children who are challenged by learning disabilities to gain the confidence and life skills they need to progress in life in the same way any child should. Below is our charity pledge.

Our Charity Pledge 

Seashell helps children and young people with very complex needs and their families live their best lives.


Our Charity Values

Strong charity values run through the core of Seashell. These are the things that are really important to us.

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Honesty, trust and commitment go to the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on ethical working and strong leadership. We respect our children and young people, their families and our colleagues, and we promise to do our very best every day to support the extraordinary people in our care.


Our children and young people are exceptional, and we are constantly striving for pioneering new approaches, research and advances in both technology and different ways of caring, communicating and educating. We believe that amazing people deserve amazing support.


We pride ourselves on developing strong partnerships with our children, young people and families to provide the very best support and life outcomes. By working together and harnessing the best care and support, technology and knowledge, we can help people live their best lives.

Our charity pledge and our charity values focus on a set of priorities that shape our plans and guide everything we do.

As part of our charity values, we know it’s important to deliver the very best education, care and support today, but we also need to plan for the medium term and long term future.

  • Help Children and young people to live their best lives -Help children and young people with the most profound and complex needs, and their families, to live their best lives and be happy and valued members of their communities.
  • Provide high quality education and care – Provide high quality, coordinated and seamless specialist education, care, communication skills, therapy and early intervention services for students from across the UK.
  • Be an employer of choice – Engage with and value our team and forge strong links with partners and sector leaders to develop the range of specialist services, provision, training, and training facilities offered by Seashell.
  • Lead good practice and innovation – Establish Seashell, its school, college and campus as a regional, national and international centre of excellence for children and young people with very special needs.
  • Focus on wellbeing, sport and recreation and bonds with local communities – Place inclusive wellbeing, sport and recreation at the heart of our work with a regional and national centre for student and community use.
  • Deliver strong management and leadership – Underpin the work of the Trust with robust financial practices, safeguarding of our children and young people, good governance and a supportive approach to our colleagues.

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