A new school, college and campus

Seashell’s Project Transformation is an exciting plan to develop a new school, college and campus that will provide the facilities that our students and residents need now, and for the future.

One of the largest transformation projects of its kind in the UK

Some of our existing buildings date back to the 1950s and are tired and unfit for the needs of today’s students and residents. Over the past decade we have worked hard to start to improve the site with 17 new residential care homes and a new all‐weather sports pitch.

Sir Norman Stoller Way, a close of 17 homes for the children and adults who live at Seashell and 3G Sports Pitch.

The New Campus

In 2020, after a period of detailed consultation and an application to Stockport Council and the planning inspectorate, Seashell was granted consent for the development of the new school and campus.

It’s an aspirational plan which is expected to take more than five years to complete and will cost over £50 million to build. Some of that money has come from the sale of surplus land to a house builder but much still needs to be raised through fundraising activities, donations and sponsorship.

The new campus has been carefully designed to ensure the safety of students and residents whilst they access the facilities including distinct education, residential, sport/community and administration/ training areas.

  • A new, modern Seashell Royal School Manchester with swimming, hydrotherapy and dining facilities.
  • A new, fully inclusive cycling centre including a Learn to Ride track and a wider trail that weaves around the Seashell campus.
  • A new College, Reception, Sports and Administration centre, including a new Café and Activity Hall.
  • A dedicated hub for our staff to access the very latest interactive learning to support their professional development and boost their workplace wellbeing.
  • Additional car parking and a new drop‐off area to serve the school and college buildings with further parking for staff and visitors to the sports facilities.

This major redevelopment will allow Seashell Trust to continue to deliver its current high standards of education and care but also extend its reach and provide that support into the future.

Artist’s impression of new campus

Proudly achieved since 2020

The Bradbury Cycling Centre

The Bradbury Cycling Centre, opened in November 2022, provides a Learn to Ride Track designed by Playscheme – a safe space for young riders of all abilities to enjoy the opportunity to develop their riding skills and in turn, their confidence and wellbeing.  A wider Cycle Track snakes around the Seashell campus and includes different surfaces and obstacles for a more ‘off road’ experience.

The Bradbury Cycling Centre

The Moulding Foundation Building

The Moulding Foundation Building, a new home for Seashell Royal School Manchester, opened in February 2023.  The state-of-the-art facility, carefully designed to support the needs of our students,  includes a swimming pool, hydrotherapy and a dining hall shared with students from Seashell Royal College Manchester.

The Moulding Foundation Building

Moulding Foundation Building Heart Space

Moulding Foundation Building Hydrotherapy Pool

Moulding Foundation Building Bertie Broome Swimming Pool

Next steps


New Staff Hub – expected Autumn 2023

A dedicated facility utilising the latest interactive, remote learning and essential for the provision of quality training for our 600+ staff.


New College, Reception, Sports and Administration Building- expected Summer 2025

A new building for Royal College Manchester will also house a Reception, with Sports and Administration facilities.  It will also incorporate a new Café, Activity Hall with extended climbing wall, Fitness Suite, Rebound Room, Sensory Integration Room and a suite of flexible multi-purpose rooms at ground floor level with contemporary office space above and associated external landscaping.
The current college building, despite numerous adaptations over the years, presents many challenges for the student population of today.

Artist’s Impression of the College, Reception, Sports and Administration facilities building

Artist’s Impression of the interior 

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