A new school and campus


Seashell’s Project Transformation is an exciting plan to develop a new school and campus that will provide the facilities that our students and residents need now, and for the future.


One of the largest transformation projects of its kind in the UK


Some of our existing buildings date back to the 1950s and are tired and unfit for the needs of today’s students and residents. Over the past decade we have worked hard to start to improve the site with 17 new residential care homes and a new all‐weather sports pitch but more needs to be done. In 2020, after a period of detailed consultation and an application to Stockport Council and the planning inspectorate, Seashell was granted consent for the development of the new school and campus.


This ambitious transformation project, which is one of the largest of its kind in the UK, includes the construction of a new Seashell Royal School Manchester with integrated swimming, hydrotherapy and refectory facilities. Seashell Royal College Manchester will also see major improvements to boost capacity and the quality of the buildings, and there will be improved and extended training, sports, leisure, community engagement and recreational facilities. We will also add new assessment and early intervention service facilities and a new cycle track.



It’s an aspirational plan which is expected to take more than five years to complete and will cost over £50 million to build. Some of that money is coming from the sale of surplus land to a house builder but much still needs to be raised through fundraising activities, donations and sponsorship from individual donors, businesses and the community.

Over the coming months, you will see the fundraising activity gather pace as the transformation project starts to take shape. The plan is for building work to start in 2021 and the project has been carefully phased to have as little impact on the children, young people and staff at Seashell as possible. The opening of the different elements of the new campus will be staged over the coming five years and we expect students to start to benefit from the transformation project very soon.


The New Campus

The new campus has been carefully designed from the first principles. A key consideration has been to ensure the safety of students and residents whilst they access the facilities and, to this end the campus design includes a clear zoning strategy with the creation of distinctive education, residential, sport/ community and administration/ training areas.


The new campus will include a new, modern Seashell Royal School Manchester, incorporating swimming, hydrotherapy and refectory facilities to be shared with Seashell Royal College Manchester. Also included within the plans is a new single storey reception building and the entrance to Seashell will be widened and improved to make it easier to get in and out of the site and to make the campus more welcoming.



There will be a new cycle track and single storey, four‐court sports hall, fully accessible gym, changing rooms and sports pavilion overlooking the recently installed all‐weather sports pitch. Seashell Royal College Manchester will be extended and refurbished. The plans also include options to either extend, remodel, and refurbish parts of the current school building, or construct a new building on the same site, to co‐locate all the Trust’s administration, training, conference, and community facilities.

There will be two family assessment units built on the site where children and young people can be assessed and supported in a home‐from‐home environment by professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Parking and access on the site will be improved with the creation of a new two‐tier car park for up to300 cars and a new drop‐off area for up to 47 cars and 10 minibuses to serve the school and college buildings. There will be further parking provision for staff and visitors to the sports facilities on the site. The main north‐south drive will be rerouted to provide permanent parking for up to eight minibuses owned by the Trust.

Overall, the redevelopment of the site will allow the Trust to continue to deliver its current high standards of education, care and assessment but also extend its reach and provide that support into the future.



We expect the work will be carried out in a series of phases over the following timeframes:

  •   Development on new 3G sports pitch delivered in 2018/19
  •   New School and shared facilities building expected Autumn 2022
  •   New site entrance and Reception building – expected Autumn 2022
  •   New 4court sports hall, gym and pavilion expected Autumn 2023
  •   Redevelopment of Royal College Manchester expected Winter 2024
  •   New training, community engagement and administration facilities expected Spring 2026
  •   Assessment and Early intervention services facilities expected Spring 2027



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