Are you or your loved one struggling with excess earwax? Look no further than Seashell Audiology’s convenient on-site wax removal service.

We understand that some individuals face challenges accessing local providers, especially those with learning disabilities (LD) or paediatric needs. That’s why we’re here to offer expert care and support to ensure a comfortable and effective wax removal experience; we take pride in creating a welcoming and familiar environment for our patients. If extra time is needed to settle into the surroundings, our flexible service ensures there is ample time for familiarisation and comfort.


Our service is designed with your convenience in mind.

  • We offer flexible appointment times to suit the needs of individuals
  • We provide various options to accommodate different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer wet irrigation, instrumentation, or microsuction, our skilled professionals will determine the most suitable technique for you.
  • Extensive Learning Disability and paediatric experience, allowing us to support a broader range of individuals who may face challenges accessing local providers.
  • To further support your wax removal session, we offer pre-appointment resources. These resources are available if you or your loved one require additional information or reassurance before the appointment. We want you to feel confident and prepared every step of the way.

Choose Seashell Audiology’s on-site wax removal service, where specialised support and personalised care are at the forefront. Experience the convenience, comfort, and expertise that make our service stand out from the rest.

Cost for children and young adults with learning disabilities up to the age of 25 is £75.


Don't let wax build-up hinder your hearing or wellbeing any longer

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The staff are super welcoming and extremely skilled in understanding my son's needs. The audiology suite is such a calming environment too.

William's Mum