When it comes to the survival of charities and ensuring the continued support for those in need, raising funds is at the heart of their success. And this is no different at Seashell. But how do charities raise money? 

Fundraising plays a huge significance on our regular operation as a charity, and without the continued support from grants, fundraising events, and community support we wouldn’t be able to enhance the lives of children and young people with complex needs. 

In this blog we’ll discuss how charities raise money and why fundraising is so important. We will look at some of the fundraising initiatives we use here at Seashell and how they help us provide critical support for children and young people daily, as well as bigger projects such as building our new college. Read on to find out more.


Donations are at the heart of charitable organisations, and Seashell is no exception. Whether one-time gifts or regular contributions, donations form the backbone of charity funding which can come from corporations, organisations or individuals. 

Here at Seashell, we encourage donations from all sources, whether it’s someone wanting to pledge for personal reasons or companies getting involved. Every donation has a huge impact on the lives of young people and children in our care, as well as helping their families. From support for those with learning difficulties, to one-on-one round-the-clock care from our highly trained staff, your donations are needed and appreciated. Find out more about how you can donate.

Challenge events

Our aim is to support as many children and young adults with additional needs as possible. This means providing our essential services to both them and their families, so they can live their best lives. But to continue to deliver these services we need your help. 

One of our most popular ways to raise money is through challenge events. Fundraising activities are a great way to get people involved, raise money and educate more people about the essential services we provide at our facilities. These challenge events often involve undertaking physical activities to receive donations and sponsorship. 

For example, Seashell has partnered with events like the Tour de Manc, a cycling event suitable for all levels of cyclists, and the Great Manchester Run, where participants can run either 10 km or a half marathon. 

More adventurous options include participating in the largest Dragon Boat race in Manchester or undertaking an 11,000ft tandem skydive. These activities not only raise funds but also foster a sense of community and shared purpose​​​​​​​​​​​​. Find out more about our fundraising challenge events and how you can get involved.

Corporate fundraising

Another way for charities to raise money is through corporate partnerships and corporate support. This support can come in various ways, from direct donations, employee volunteering or sponsorship of fundraising events. We are very grateful for our partnerships here at Seashell and rely on events to sustain our services and help improve our facilities.

We also provide a variety of engagement opportunities that businesses can get involved with, including team-building events, on-site volunteering and remote fundraising. Therefore, through corporate partnerships there are multiple ways that business can contribute to a charity’s mission. Check out our corporate fundraising opportunities, including remote fundraising ideas and volunteering ideas.

Seashell lottery

It is important for charities to have multiple ways for individuals to get regularly involved in showing support, without the need of undertaking a challenge or being part of a corporate partnership. A great example of this is our charity lottery. This innovative way to raise funds gives participants the chance to win cash prizes while also supporting us to do what we do best – provide excellent services for our children and young people with additional needs. 

Our lottery is a popular method of fundraising as it requires minimal effort from participants, while still offering the financial support we need here at Seashell. Add that to the potential financial reward being a great incentive for people to sign up and it’s the perfect fundraising activity. You can play and enter the Seashell weekly lottery for just £1 a week where you can win up to £25,000. Sounds good, right?

Transforming lives appeal

As well as raising money for the daily delivery of our support and services here at Seashell, we have also been working hard to raise funds for our Transforming Lives Appeal. This is our project to raise £50 million to support one of the biggest special education needs campus projects in the UK. 

Due to the hard work of our staff and generosity of our donors, the first two phases of the project are now complete. But the next step for Seashell is for us to create a new home for Royal College Manchester by developing a dedicated development, learning and health and wellbeing hub for staff. Plans also include inclusive sports and activity facilities for the entire community. This new building will provide young adults with the learning opportunities they deserve and need to prepare for a life in the community.
Check out our charity calendar to find ways that you can get involved with the next step in our development and support us in raising money for our charity. Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.