Offering a helping hand to charities can help us find comfort and feel connected to those around us. However, while donating money is one valuable way to do so, it’s not the only option!  

If you face financial constraints, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a powerful force for good in the world.  

In this guide, we explore different possibilities for how to help charities without donating money, looking at creative ways to contribute your time, skills, and unused resources to the causes you care about. Whether you’re passionate about animal welfare, environmental protection, or community development, there’s a way for you to get involved!

Family running

1. Volunteer your time

We all know the saying, “Time is more precious than money.” So if you have a few hours a week on your hands, why not consider volunteering? 

Volunteering with disabled children is a powerful way that you can make a positive impact if you have patience, empathy and great communication skills. At Seashell, you can support children in the classroom, at community sports, during health and wellbeing sessions and more.

2. Organise a fundraising campaign

Although you are not looking to spend any money, there will often be people around who would be willing to donate. And setting up a fundraising campaign is a great way to champion your favourite cause.  

Use social media or email to reach a wider audience and include a story about why you’d like to support that charity in particular. You should also post frequent updates so that people are reminded to donate. 

At Seashell, we have a range of fundraising challenge events available to take part in. From Dragon Boat Races to the Tour de Manc, there are a range of different opportunities to get involved in. 

3. Donate unwanted items

Donating unwanted items is an awesome alternative to giving money – it’s like giving a second life to things you no longer need! Picture this: your old clothes, furniture, or household items finding new homes and putting smiles on faces.  

You could donate clothes, home appliances, furniture, books, toys or anything that is still in good condition and can be helpful to someone else. These can be given to charities that assist people experiencing homelessness or sold to generate funds for charity programs. 

4. Use a learned skill

Another impactful way to contribute is by sharing the skills you’ve developed throughout your life. This could be anything from graphic design to cooking. Through offering coaching sessions, teaching classes, or tutoring services, you can guide others to enhance their abilities and create a better life. You’ll also provide emotional support to people who may really need it.

5. Raise awareness

Drawing attention to your favourite charity is also a good way to support them without donating money. For maximum results, you can: 

  • Use social media or talk to your personal network about why the charity is important to you  
  • Share information about their mission, achievements, and current needs to attract support from a wider audience 
  • Share personal anecdotes or experiences that highlight the impact of the charity’s work. 
  • Encourage your network to share the posts.

6. Adding a charitable donation in your will

Leaving a donation in your will is one way to help a charity without missing out on money you need in your life. It can also help your family because it will lower the amount of tax you pay on your assets overall. Local charity donations are a great way to make your donation more personal.

You can donate a specific sum, a percentage of your estate, or even particular assets like real estate or stocks.

7. Ask people to donate on special occasions

Everybody loves a celebration, and you can turn your special day into a fundraising opportunity by asking friends and family to support a charity rather than buying you gifts. Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are all great occasions to consider.

If you’re holding a party, print out posters about your designated charity and include information about why the cause is important to you. 

 8. Support businesses that give back

By giving your custom to businesses that contribute to positive social and environmental change, you can make a greater impact on the charities you care about. Look out for companies that pledge to donate a certain percentage of their profits and/or are involved in community programs.

Getting involved

The impact of a single action shouldn’t be underestimated! Whether you donate old items, volunteer your time, or raise awareness, you can have a real impact on the charities you care about.  

If you’re passionate about supporting young people, join us today, promote our page or fundraise for us. Every bit of help goes towards providing a creative, happy and secure environment including residential care for children with complex needs and additional communication challenges.