seashell employee working with a young child with sensory needs

If you are caring for a child who has difficulty with their senses, it is essential that you have access to the right care and support services. As a result of using the right programmes, you can help a child to develop their skills and improve their response and understanding of the world around them. At Seashell, we have specialist services run by experienced professionals to help you with providing the care and support your child needs. Continue reading to find out how to support a child with sensory needs using our range of helpful services at Seashell. 

Our sensory support services

As a charity that prides itself on supporting children with various complex needs, it is important to us that we are able to provide as much support as possible. Not only do we aim to deliver care ourselves, but we also want you to be able to learn skills so you can care for children with SEND appropriately too. 

That’s why for children with sensory needs, we provide a range of sensory support services. These include our assessment, intervention and training services for professionals who work in sectors such as the health, education and social care sectors and our Seashell Start services for parents and carers. If you want to know how to support a child with sensory needs, our range of services is sure to help.

Seashell Start

If your child is aged under five years old, we have a diverse range of intervention services that are designed to help your child learn essential skills and to support their development with Seashell Start. These involve both you and your child so that you can progress together within your mutual learning and relationship. Some of these include our Stay and Play, Sleep and Sensory feeding interventions that are available for you to choose from.  

Across these services, support is provided to children who have a range of needs such as communication difficulties, sensory needs and difficulty sleeping. By using our Seashell Start services, you can help your child to get support and aid their development at an essential early developmental stage that can set them on the right path for the future.

Assessment, intervention and training services

Deaf and blind support programmes similar to ours are not always easy to find, so we regard it as essential that these are provided for the benefit of children that struggle with these difficulties. Therefore, we take pride in the fact we offer an MSI deafblind intervenor course to help you work with and better understand the conditions and needs of deafblind children. 

In addition, there are a variety of assessment, intervention and training services that we offer if you would like to better understand how to support a child with sensory needs. 

Our deafblind guidance assessment is useful for understanding in detail a child with sensory needs’ condition and abilities in detail. This is carried out by a qualified teacher who is experienced in Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI). By the end of the assessment, a full report that includes recommendations on how to best care for your child will be provided. 

As well as this assessment, we have a vast range of services to help professionals who work with children with sensory needs that you can use. These include our MSI Specialist Training Packages, MSI Intervenor Training, MSI Advisory Support and Personalised Learning Programmes (PLPs). Taking these training courses can be incredibly useful if you work with children with sensory needs. You will learn educational practices and specialised techniques to better communicate with the children in your care and to help them become more independent. 

Using these services can help your child not only feel comfortable and supported, but can also help you to better understand your child’s needs and how to best care for them in a way that will help them to progress and flourish.

Sensory support services at Seashell

If you are in care of a child and are seeking advice on how to support a child with sensory needs, our services will help both you and the children in your care understand each other much more effectively. The Seashell Start and assessment, intervention and training services we have on offer are there to help you understand how to best support your child and to help them develop too. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Seashell to find out more about what benefit our facilities and services can be to your child and to get help with any other queries you may have, contact us at 0161 610 0100 or email us at