We are grateful for the support of The Citation Group who created Jack, our new audiology mascot – Jack’s job is to welcome our students to our Zochonis Audiology Suite, enabling them to access audiology support.

Some children and young adults with complex needs it hard, or even impossible to partake in certain healthcare tests due to communication challenges or sensory difficulties. This can mean conditions can go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. At Seashell, we are passionate about exploring how to close these inequality healthcare gaps.

“Jack has been designed to help prepare young people requiring treatment in our audiology suite, promoting positive experiences all round! He is animated, and encourages students to listen and engage in clinic. He can be used in VRA [Visual Reinforcement Audiometry], other testing or just to ease transitions!”

Verity Langlands, Principal Audiologist

The team at Citation have also designed a woodland scene for the corridor leading to the audiology suite to further brighten up the space and promote a welcoming and calming environment.

Citation have supported Seashell for many years, and we are incredibly grateful to them for all the time, energy and enthusiasm taken to create this amazing addition to our service! 

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