MSI Support for Professionals

Achieve Qualified Teacher of Multi-Sensory Impairment (QTMSI) status with Seashell. You will not only undertake essential academic learning to develop a sound understanding of MSI, but you will also have the opportunity to experience first-hand the life changing impact a QTMSI role can have with MSI learners and their families.

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If you are interested in our new, exciting, practice-based MSIMQ PGDip, and would like to meet us and hear more about the course, sign up to one of our online information sessions.

The sessions will run from 7-8pm, on Microsoft Teams on the following dates:
20th March, 17th April, 15th May, 19th June, 17th July, 21st August

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A specialist 5 day course covering a wide range of topics including, communication, the role of the intervenor, mobility and independent living skills, sensory processing difficulties and much more. The course meets the requirements of the Intervenor Standards issued by NatSIP.

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We can provide QTMSI and/or specialist Intervenor support for children and young people within an educational setting who do not have specialist staff employed locally to meet need. QTMSI can provide a functional sensory assessment and consultancy/training for their staff team as required. Direct intervention can also be commissioned if required.

This course will look at how we can further understand the expressive communication attempts that are not always seen and discuss ways of increasing positive interactions for students with MSI. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in practical activities including ‘on body signing’ and ‘hand under hand’ signing as well as take part in discussions around deafblind communication.

Learn about the very unique educational implications and challenges faced by young people with is diagnosis. We will also consider the emotional effect of living with a changing condition and how best to support the learner as well as their family through their journey.

Learn about the complex and diverse condition of CHARGE Syndrome and its impact on development, as well as educational implications. We will consider how best to support these learners with a focus on communication, access to information and mobility.

During this half day course, you will be learn about the educational implications for learners with vision impairment, understand visual skill development and how to provide an appropriate learning environment

Designed for newly qualified MSI teachers, or MSI teachers in training, our MSI teaching team at Seashell can offer you half termly remote mentoring sessions.

Support for MSI children and young adults

We can provide PLP’s in the home for young people with MSI who are not currently in an education setting. We will work with the family and other professionals to support them to achieve their EHCP outcomes.

Assessment of sensory needs by a suitably qualified person in Deafblindness and provision of a report including recommendations.

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