Seashell is excited to announce that we are able to offer a series of workshops for parent carers thanks to Slater and Gordon Lawyers.  

The first of these sessions will be delivered by a sleep practitioner and will offer parent carers an introduction into the behavioural approaches to sleep. The session will cover the importance of sleep, the function of sleep and will help with strategies to improve sleep routines for children.  

Slater and Gordon Lawyers were interested in supporting Seashell’s family services.  

Helen Lewis, a Principal Lawyer with the firm, said: “We know how important good sleep routines are for families of children and young adults with autism, multi-sensory impairments and learning disabilities. We’re pleased we can play a part in helping these families and can’t wait to hear how the workshops go.” 

The workshops will be delivered by a sleep practitioner over Zoom, so everyone joining will need a laptop or internet-enabled device.  

The first event is taking place on Friday, 15th March to coincide with World Sleep Day. This is an annual celebration of healthy sleeping patterns and awareness day for sleep disorders.  

Sherann Hillman MBE, Seashell’s Head of Family Services and the National Lead for Children and Families, said: “Sleep can have a huge impact on wellbeing, not just for the child but for the whole family. Research has shown that up 86% of children with additional needs have sleep problems, so it’s really important that we give parents the tools and information to help their child get a good night’s sleep.” 

It’s hoped this workshop is the first of many and more can be offered in future, so please keep an eye on our Events Page for future updates.  

To book your place email