This August has seen more children and young people join us for a variety of fun filled activities with CADS.

The Active team, CADS Crew and a host of over 40 individual and corporate volunteers have worked together to create a fantastic series of events with 32 different sessions, and have been blessed with (mostly!) lovely weather which has really added to the enjoyment of the outdoor activities.

Activities have included, sensory walks and cycling/scooting on our newly opened Learn to Ride track and trails, music and performance sessions with BAFTA Award winning Disability Drama group Triple C, arts and crafts, swimming and mini Olympics on our 3G pitch. There really was something for everyone!

We regularly run our fun filled drama workshops during the term time Saturday CADs. It’s always a joy to take part in the holiday sessions. Great to see all the new faces alongside the regulars. The enthusiasm and excitement from all the young people taking part is electric. Always a pleasure to see how inventive play and improvisation brings out the personalities of the participants. Ranging from musical statues to role plays where we create space rockets and visit planets in a galaxy far away, there is something for everyone. Even some of the more unwilling participants can’t resist eventuality joining in the team games and role play. I think giving the groups these activities during the holidays is essential for continued development and well being. We hope to continue to bring drama to CADs for many more years.” – Triple C Drama Workshop Lead & Event Facilitator, Ged Mulherin

CADS at Seashell has been around for over 20 years. During that time we have been able to perfect the format and our recently established CADS Crew (who are trained to ensure all activities are fully inclusive) are on hand to lead and support, making the CADS programme a must-attend event for the summer holidays. The programme is one of very few provisions that is able to offer one-to-one support for participants. This level of support is essential for some of the children and young people who attend, however is so frequently hard to come by.


I truly do love being a part of CADS and the amazing opportunities we provide for the children and young people who attend. Every day I am incredibly proud of the participants as I watch them overcome their fears and accomplish challenges, such as climbing for the first time and being in the swimming pool. It has actually been heart warming to see their bravery! CADS is a unique and inclusive programme that enables all children and young people to have memorable experiences… It is an honour for me to know I am a part of making this possible!” – Samantha Keane, CADS Crew

With the aim to share knowledge and expertise, specialists at Seashell hosted a Commitment to Inclusion Visit where local organisations who are passionate about inclusion came onsite to experience CADS first hand. Visitors learnt about the journey of CADS over the years, how it developed to suit the needs of children and young people with SEND, and how it became the inclusive health and wellbeing event it is today. It was a hands-on and engaging visit, where individuals were given the opportunity to connect, learn, see inclusion ‘in action’ and try out inclusive activities.

CADS would not have been possible without the fantastic team of volunteers who ensured all participants had fun while taking part in each activity – 35 volunteers from corporate supporters of Seashell attended over the four weeks, along with 6 individual volunteers who kindly gave up their time.

 “I felt honoured to have the opportunity to visit, spend time learning about Seashell what they do and meeting the staff and children attending who were all fantastic. I found the whole day a really positive experience and hope we were able to be of help to them too. Never thought I would need to run playing duck duck goose though or hearing Will had been dancing! We were also so well supported throughout. Was just sad I couldn’t go back again today.” – NHS Properties corporate volunteer

A parent of two children who attend CADS said “Both children, one with a disability and twin brother without, both thoroughly enjoy attending CADS. The staff are excellent, so professional and full of fun, and there is always a fantastic range of activities on offer which gives them a chance to try and learn new skills. Being able to attend a group together means so much to them, and it’s the highlight of both their school holidays. Charlotte insisted on sharing her thoughts too and said “I really enjoy CADS with Daniel and Jo being my team leader. I want to come on a Saturday”.”

While Summer CADS may be over this year, we look forward to welcoming back Saturday CADS, which runs every Saturday during term time!

A special thanks to all Seashell staff, CADS Crew, Corporate and Individual Volunteers and incredibly generous private donor who makes the one to one support possible.