seashell residential care facilities with trees and greenery

As a parent of a child with SEND, it is important that you can rely on support services for the benefit of your child, you and your family. At Seashell, we know having support is essential which is why we offer residential facilities for disabled children that teach them important skills and improve their lives. In addition to this, we offer a range of services that can help identify your child’s condition and needs in detail and also teach you how to best care for them. Continue reading this article from Seashell to find out more.

Our residential facilities for disabled children

At Seashell, our centre and our facilities are built to develop the skills of children with complex needs. For you and your child, it is essential that you are able to use residential facilities that are available to you to have respite care available when needed. This has benefits for the whole family as parents are able to have a short break from full-time care, while children are able to relax in a new and exciting environment. 

Our residential facilities for disabled children are run by a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can best support your child. As part of our residential care, our therapy and nursing is a key part of helping your child to develop when they spend their time with us. Each day counts while your child is at Seashell, so we make progress in developing targets, strategies and programmes to support all of our students.  

Additionally, we offer a family flat as part of our family services that can help you stay connected during your child’s Seashell journey. This flat is located close to our homes to provide that extra reassurance and features two bedrooms that can hold up to five people.

Assessment, Intervention and Training Services

While your child stays with us, there are a variety of assessment, intervention and training services that we offer in addition to our residential facilities. 

Our assessment services, such as our deafblind guidance and physiotherapy assessments, are run by our qualified professionals to help fully understand the abilities and needs of a child or young person. Afterwards, we are then able to offer recommendations on how to best care for your child and go on to improve their skills and independence. 

Our intervention services are on offer to help actively improve your child’s abilities and skills and empower them within the form of courses that can range from a few days to a few weeks. Some of these intervention services include our physio intervention and our Seashell Start initiative which helps the progression and abilities of children under five years old. 

The training services we provide help organisations and individuals to better understand how best to work with children who have SEND. These are not exclusive to, but have been useful to those working in the education, charity and social care sectors. Examples of our training programmes include our FASD awareness training, autism specific training and MSI intervenor training. 

Using these services can help your child not only feel comfortable and supported while they are here at our residential facilities for disabled children, but can also help you to better understand your child’s needs and how to best care for them in a way that will help them to progress and flourish.

Residential facilities and your child’s progression at Seashell

Our residential facilities for disabled children are intended to be there to assist you and your child and to get the most out of the range of services we provide. The assessment, intervention and training services we have on offer are there to help you understand how to best support your child and to help them develop too. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Seashell to find out more about what benefit our facilities and services can be to your family and to get help with any other queries you may have, contact us at 0161 610 0100 or email us at