Volunteering at Seashell gives you valuable skills and experience that you can use to develop yourself and a career in caring. The most important skill is compassion. When you begin working with children and young adults with complex needs, you gain a greater understanding of the challenges they can face and overcome every day. 

The work we do is rewarding, and that reward comes from investing our time in assisting and supporting children and young adults to enjoy their life to the fullest. What skills does volunteering give you at Seashell? It teaches you compassion, understanding, and the ability to adapt to challenges and overcome them, and it is the children and young adults at Seashell who teach you the most. You will learn something new every day, and have a lot of fun doing it.

Seashell worker laughing with a boy

Individual volunteering

If you want to get involved at Seashell, individual volunteering is the simplest way to start. You can get involved in many different roles, often using skills you already have. Mornings, evenings, on a regular basis or whenever you can, we welcome support in the classroom or at events, with the children or helping us with administrative work, maintenance, or gardening. Utilising your existing experience at Seashell is a great way to make a start in caring and charity work, and make a valued contribution to the charity.

Alongside developing your existing skills, you can begin to spend time supporting the children as part of a team that also supports you. It takes teamwork from all the staff at Seashell to provide every possible opportunity for the children and young adults here, and the team will help you to learn new skills and develop your existing ones. Skills such as time management, working as part of a team, self-confidence, and understanding the different levels of ability that the children at Seashell have, can all be developed through Individual Volunteering. It could be the start of a career.

Support through sport

Activity is incredibly important for the health and wellbeing of the children and young adults at Seashell. Sports, games, and exercise are part of the routine, and volunteering to assist the children by helping them to enjoy activities indoors and outdoors is always welcome. Sport can be the perfect introduction to volunteering, and lets you have fun and get active too while you learn more about Seashell Trust, our values, the work we do and the children we support.

Corporate volunteering

For businesses that want to support Seashell Trust, corporate support through volunteering allows your team to join our team and support our children, young adults, and their families. A member of the Seashell team will be dedicated to your business to help find ways you can support us to provide exceptional education, care and well-being activities for vulnerable children. When you partner with Seashell we support you too, and help your business and your team develop valuable skills and enjoy rewarding experiences by contributing in any way you can. 

Your business can help us with fundraising through payroll giving or gift-in-kind donations. You can also work with us to spread awareness through public relations initiatives, or join us on the frontline and provide direct support to the children on our campus. Working with us can be a team-building experience for your employees, and we can even help your business engage in remote fundraising and remote volunteering if you use a work-from-home or hybrid working scheme.

The experience speaks for itself

The people who work at Seashell are who make it a success. By working together and putting the needs of the children and young adults on campus first, we help develop their skills and each other’s. The staff of Seashell are highly valued and supported by our organisation, and we want your volunteering experience to be as rewarding for you as it is for the children.

Kate, one of our residential support workers, had this to say about working at Seashell. “It’s a really rewarding role, enabling the children to achieve whilst also having plenty of fun. It’s great to be part of such a dedicated and hardworking team”. We focus on the development of our team at Seashell, as well as the children and young adults who visit our facilities. We want volunteering and working at Seashell to be rewarding in many ways for everyone involved. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Seashell to find out more about our volunteering opportunities, contact us on 0161 610 0100 or email us at info@seashelltrust.org.uk