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Fundraising is an essential part of any charity or community that relies on the support of others to continue running and improving. Though fundraising helps a charity financially, there are also plenty of other reasons as to why fundraising is beneficial. Continue reading to find out why is fundraising important for charities like us and the significant impact it has on bettering young people’s lives.

Why is fundraising important?

Fundraising has a huge significance on our regular operation as a charity as we could not exist without the continuing support we see from our fundraising events, grants and corporate and community support. 

At Seashell, fundraising benefits the lives of children and young people massively and means that we are able to provide better care to more people as a result. We provide support for people with complex needs and their families who are able to thrive as a result of the positive environment we create. Our facilities give people the opportunity to learn key skills and have fun doing so. Additionally, our residential homes provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for respite care. Fundraising helps all these facilities to continue operating and provide young people with SEND the care and support they deserve. 

Though fundraising is important in a financial sense, it also helps to support our charity in other ways too. Fundraising means that we are able to share our message and goals with the wider community and help to raise awareness about the benefits of our services for young people with SEND. Through fundraising events, we not only gain financial support but increase the number of people who are able to help out and get involved after they learn about us and our values

To find out about our fundraising events in the future where you can get involved first-hand in making a difference in our community, take a look at our upcoming events section where you can always find a variety of events to get involved in.

The impact of fundraising

After our fundraising events take place, the massive benefits to our charity can be visibly seen and answer the question ‘why is fundraising important’. The funds that are gathered through the fundraising process directly impact our students and residents at Seashell for the better. With more funding, we are able to continually maintain and improve the facilities at Seashell. This means that new projects, such as our cycle track, can be developed to expand our ability to help develop our students’ core skills in an entertaining way. 

Fundraising will be particularly beneficial to support Project Transformation, one of the biggest special school capital projects in the UK that requires £50 million to fully transform our school buildings into a facility that effectively and accommodates the varied needs of our students. 

The support we have received from trusts and foundations has been particularly significant in helping to develop new projects for the benefit of our students and residents. Additionally, corporate support is also welcomed and appreciated as no matter if your company is big or small, developing a partnership with us is always beneficial for everyone involved. 

We have had a varied history of fundraising in different ways for people to get involved. Our weekly lottery draw has a lot of exciting prizes for you to get your hands on and you can even win up to £25,000 if you’re lucky enough. 

Alternatively, our challenge events are a fun and interactive way to get involved with fundraising if you want to get involved in person. We have a history of organising unique challenges where you can push yourself and benefit the lives of young people while doing so. Take a look at our range of this year’s upcoming challenge events to find the ideal one for you to take part in.

Fundraising at Seashell

We are always excited for people to get started with helping out with our fundraising at Seashell. With a long-established history of providing high-quality care to people with SEND, supporting us through fundraising will allow our community to fully thrive and be at its best. We hope you have gained valuable insight into why fundraising is important for our charity and have found a way that’s ideal for you to get stuck in. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Seashell to find out more about our fundraising opportunities, or if you have an idea about developing a fundraising opportunity with us, contact us on 0161 610 0100 or email us at