Students wowed by half-term activities

School and college may be closed for half-term holidays but it’s all go at Seashell – over the past week, children and young people have taken part in dance, sports, multi-sensory theatre projects and days out.

The week kicked off with CADS holiday events, bringing able and disabled children and young people together in a range of fully-inclusive sports, dance and leisure opportunities. Access to fully-inclusive sport and leisure opportunities – whether that involves continuing with a favourite activity such as swimming or dance, or trying something new for the first time – is important for all the young people at Seashell to develop their skills and widen their social circles, but it also provides valuable opportunities for members of the community to join the fun.

Several young people made the journey to The Space Centre, Preston, a large multi-sensory environment with a range of switch-operated equipment for students to explore. The group experienced an exciting and stimulating array of equipment and had a fantastic time trying out the range of equipment.

Others looking to get closer to nature had great fun visiting Rudyard Lake and riding the steam railway and visiting Otterspool. Residential students regularly visit Otterspool Promenade where they can explore the hills and play equipment and enjoy seeing the River Mersey.

But for one young man, everything pales in comparison to visiting the Lowry Outlet where he met his all-time hero, Peppa Pig. The group of children were amongst the first to meet Peppa on the day and loved the experience – especially getting to stroke her fuzzy fur. Their excitement in getting to know a beloved character a little better (and having their pictures taken together!) was a pleasure to see.

Here’s to the next holidays!