Seashell Trust linked up with social media whizz BizWiz UK

Seashell Trust staff have received valuable LinkedIn training

Seashell Trust is dedicated to helping its profoundly disabled students communicate with the world.

But when we also wanted to get our staff communicating in different ways we linked up with Manchester business development company BizWiz UK.

As part of BizWizUK’s partnership supporting Seashell, its director Ann Davies delivered valuable training for the social media site LinkedIn to the trust’s multi-disciplinary team.

Wendy Bray, from Seashell Trust said: “It is so important that everyone from our occupational therapists to family services to fundraising are communicating now about the great work we do here at our national centre of excellence.

“We are grateful to Ann for giving up her time to help us really get connected and to think about how to tell the world about the achievements of our young people with some of the most complex disabilities in the country. It is very exciting.”

Ann Davies, from BizWizUK, said: “It’s great to be able to give something back to the local community and to support young adults and those organisations associated in education, employment and support.  It was my absolute pleasure to work with the trust’s multi-disciplinary team and wish all those associated Seashell all continued success.”